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Ranked according to greatest priority based on annual evaluation by the Administrative Team. 

1.    To evaluate and further develop the capacity to be a fully enrolled PK-8 parish school open to a rich variety of students from families with diverse needs, abilities, and resources. 
2.    To work together with the new pastoral team to empower all children and families to embrace Christian values and appreciate quality Catholic education while the faculty and administration assimilate to cultural changes.  
3.    To continue to strive to be fiscally independent and viable through tuition, institutional advancement, and all other available sources of funding.  
4.    To upgrade the technological infrastructure in order to offer comprehensive curriculum and instruction.  
5.    To support a qualified professional staff and faculty who are dedicated to the school’s mission and vision.  
6.    To continue to articulate and demonstrate the value of St. Pius V School to the school community, the parish, the city, the diocese and the wider community. 

1.    To continue to exemplify professionalism, compassion, and charity as the leaders of the school community.
2.    To continue to support the strategic plan.  To review the agendas, action plans, and minutes of board meetings and sub-committee meetings.
3.    To support reflection, periodic evaluation, and professional development for the faculty and staff.
4.    To maintain external communications in order to raise awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the school’s mission and articulate the value of the school to all constituents.
5.    To continue to improve and expand external communications especially in the areas of enrollment and institutional advancement.
6.    To continue to improve internal communication as defined through collaboration and consensus.
7.    To formally monitor school finance, cash flow, and other resources of revenue.