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St. Pius V School 
School-wide Goals and Objectives

Routine Tasks 

1.    To be knowledgeable about the new vision statements provided by the administration in September 2017.
2.    To continue to support parish and school advancement and strategic planning by staying informed, communicating well, and providing for positive student/teacher/family relationships and excellent learning standards.   
3.    To use RenWeb along with existing communication processes to build the partnership with parents by developing positive, realistic, and constructive communication routines that reflect the Christian mission. 
4.    To continue to improve communication with the parish community by using the parish bulletin more effectively and by developing effective means of communication among the various parish boards and committees especially through technology. 
5.    To communicate and interact frequently with Pastoral Staff members in order to maintain and enrich the Catholic identity of the school as an integral ministry of St. Pius V Parish. 
6.    To continue to assess collaboratively the variables of time and space:  daily routines, time for professional dialogue, optimizing efficient use of space. 
7.    To determine teacher’s individual professional goals and use these goals as a foundation for professional growth and annual evaluation.
8.    To review sections of these objectives at meetings and focus on specific objectives as needed in the faculty memo. 
9.    To continue the initiative for developing reading for enjoyment through a school-wide effort involving teachers, parents, and students.

Goals and Objectives

1.    To maintain and enhance our Catholic identity.
2.    To work together as the parish transitions under new leadership and as the school addresses the ongoing challenges of enrollment and viability. 
3.    To continue to strive for excellence in the teaching/learning process by participating in the Professional Development offerings listed in the school objectives below.
4.    To begin work on the NEAS&C five-year interim report and complete any unmet objectives.