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Support Services

St. Pius V School delivers a quality education to each of its students.  A strong curriculum, a support service program to address the special needs of students, a recognition of individual teaching/learning styles, a willing acceptance of new research and methods, and a caring and safe environment, all work to help St. Pius V provide a quality education for each student.  The goal of providing each student a unique educational experience is being met at St. Pius V School. 

Lesson delivery in the support service program takes place in a multi-sensory format.  The reading program is based on the Ortin Gillingham Method and encompasses the audio, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic processing channels.  The lessons incorporate manipulatives, hands on teacher designed learning materials, cueing, and task analysis.  Math and other content areas are designed around the student's individual needs.  A variety of resources are available to respond to each child's need.  The learning experience of each child is designed to be positive and successful and bring him/her a sense of well being and accomplishment.