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Welcome Back! Hope everyone had a great summer and read lots of good books. Looking forward to a wonderful school year!



Please remember to read. Reading a book can take you on an adventure where your imagination will lead the way.


Ashley Bowden
Ashley Bowden
Reading Teacher
Groups: Teachers

I began teaching at St. Pius V in September of 2009. I am a graduate of St. Pius V Class of 2001. After getting my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, I returned to St. Pius as a Pre-Kindergarten/ Kindergarten Aide. The following year along with completing my Master's degree in Elementary Education, I also became one of the First Grade Teachers which I taught for six years. Last year, I began my current role as the Support Service Reading Teacher. Many of my teachers instilled a love of learning that has always stayed with me. I hope to pass that same love of learning on to my students.