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Happy New Year! As we ring in the new year, our seventh graders begin in our new chapter in the History textbook. We have just finished up the Constitution and we are now moving onto our first president, George Washington. Students will continue to work on their Science Fair Projects. The students also look forward to our Ski Trip this January. At St. Pius V School, we strive to keep God in our hearts each and every day to remind us to try our best and be kind to others. 

Angela Vousboukis
Angela Vousboukis
Grades 7 & 8 American History
Phone: 7815968292
Groups: Teachers
Employed Since: 9/1/2017
1 Years Experience At School

This is my first year here at St. Pius V School. I teach U.S. History to grades 7 and 8, in addition to Literature and Religion. I have always known I would become a teacher, and having this expierience at this school makes it even better! I am grateful to be part of this school community with an amazing faculty of smart and kind teachers. Together, we teach the students of St. Pius V School, instilling Catholic values, and reminding them to be kind to others each and every day.