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The seventh grade is continuing to work hard even with the year winding down.We are diagramming all sorts of sentences and writing expository essays. Before long, we will be preparing for our end of year final exams. We are looking forward to our field day at St. John's Prep. It is always a wonderful day filled with fun activities and a delicious lunch. The staff and students  of St. John's make it a terrific experience. The year went by so quickly! God bless the students and families at St. Pius.

Cynthia McCarthy
Cynthia McCarthy
Grades 7 & 8 Language Arts
Groups: Teachers

I love being at St. Pius. I have been a certified teacher for kindergarten through eighth grade since 1978, and I have really enjoyed  my job as a junior high English teacher for over the past twenty years. It’s a privilege to help prepare seventh and eighth graders for high school. My own two sons and two daughters got a wonderful foundation from St. Pius and now my grandson is following in the family tradition. I feel truly blessed.