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                May the Luck of the Irish lead you towards meaningful prayer, generous almsgiving and a desire to fast this Lenten Season.  These Lenten sacrifices will help the students grow in their love for Jesus.  Together we will Magnify the Lord with our voices by singing songs that remind us that we are glad to be children of God.  Let us keep our hearts, minds and eyes open so we can see HIS miracles more clearly.                                         

                                        Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Smith

























Cherylee Murray
Cherylee Murray
Grade 2 Teacher
Groups: Teachers


     A brief but fabulous synopses of me.......


     Prior to teaching at Saint Pius V, I was a parent of two children, who also were educated and became Alumni of the very same school.  While they sat in classrooms learning about their faith, I was attending Salem State University, and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education/Psychology.  After graduating, I became a full time teacher in a school that my children had once walked the halls of.   Since then, I have built a career around cultivating a love of learning for others,..until now.  This year, I have the unique opportunity to impart the same knowledge about learning and spiritual growth,... to my own grandchild.  I look forward to preparing him, as I have done for others, in reading, writing and a future of success.