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      This month, we will be celebrating all Mother's , including  Mother Mary,  our greatest Saint.  Millions of girls are given her name at birth.  Churches around the world are dedicated to her.  Her exceptional faith inspires us, as do our own Mother's. When we pray the Hail Mary, we honor Mary because she is "full of grace".  She is truly a model for us, someone to imitate.  During this month, we honor her and use her examples of faith and servite to help us grow in those areas of our own life.  With great attention, the students will also produce and promote the growth of a plant that will be nurtured until they bring it home for Mother's Day.

The students will also create a Virgin Mary Diorama which will be on display for the month of May.  In Science, we are working on understanding the different kinds of animals, from Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians.  There's also lots to learn about the Lifecycle of the Frog and Butterfly and an animals habitat.  


Fostering Growth and Development,


Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Smith
























Cherylee Murray
Cherylee Murray
Music Teacher/Small Group Math
Groups: Teachers
Employed Since: 9/1/2003
15 Years Experience At School


     A brief but fabulous synopses of me.......


     Prior to teaching at Saint Pius V, I was a parent of two children, who also were educated and became Alumni of the very same school.  While they sat in classrooms learning about their faith, I was attending Salem State University, and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education/Psychology.  After graduating, I became a full time teacher in a school that my children had once walked the halls of.   Since then, I have built a career around cultivating a love of learning for others,..until now.  This year, I have the unique opportunity to impart the same knowledge about learning and spiritual growth,... to my own grandchild.  I look forward to preparing him, as I have done for others, in reading, writing and a future of success.