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Welcome To Grade 5

     What an exciting year it has been in Grade 5. It has been filled with so many wonderful memories.  I hope everyone has a restful and adventurous summer.

Social Studies


     In grade 5, the students have begun learning about the Civil War.  We will end the year working on a "Historical Stamp" project to review what we have learned throughout the year. 

      In grade 6,  the students are learning about the events that lead up to WWII.   We will discuss the causes and effects of this war.  They are also working a project to represent the many battles fought in WWII.



     The fifth has been working on a creative writing piece.  The sixth graders will end the year working on the "Key Hole" writing journal.  It is a creative writing piece that allows the students to focus on a topic they are interested in.    Both grades will end the month reviewing  verbs and adverbs.  


In religion, we have been focusing on the Beatitudes and discussing how to make good moral decisions.  We look forward to seeing you at our move up ceremony on June 15, 2018.  Thank you for all of your support this year and I wish everyone a safe and restful summer.


Deborah Comeau
Deborah Comeau
Grades 5 & 6 Language Arts & Social Studies
Groups: Teachers

     Being a teacher has been a dream of mine since I was ten years old.  In 1987, I graduated from Salem State University and started my career. I have had the privilege of teaching at St. Pius V school since 2004.   Preparing successful learners in a kind and caring environment has always been a goal of mine.   I especially love to find creative ways for the students to share their knowledge.