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Happy Catholic Schools Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Third grade continues to work hard on multiplication and division. We are learning how multiples help us master multiplication. In Social Studies we are learning about different types of communities. Our group work is underway- which community do you live in Rural, Suburban, or Urban?


What do you think of when you hear "February?"  Grade 3 thinks about hearts. Not only will the students have fun making valentines, Grade 3 will learn about their hearts and how to be "Heart Smart." The class will kick off the Human Body unit with a study of the heart and circulatory system. "Slim Goodbody" will introduce each body system through a Smartboard presentation. The heart also makes Grade 3 think about love. The students will discuss and act out ways to follow the Laws of Love--LOVE GOD. LOVE OTHERS.

Love, Mrs. Hallisey

Darlene Hallisey
Darlene Hallisey
Grade 3 Teacher
Groups: Teachers
Employed Since: 11/2/2004
14 Years Experience At School

A Catholic School educator with over 15 years experience in education and community service. Highly motivated, enthusastic, and dedicated to all learners.