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                             As we begin our Lenten journey, third grade students are preparing for the celebration of the Resurrection. Each day we follow Jesus' journey and reflect on  His courage, His pain, His compassion, and His love. Third graders are praying and meditating on the Stations of the Cross in the classroom and at our church. 


                            In Language Arts, we will begin our descriptive writing project. The project is called "Can You Picture It?" Look for an informational paper explaining the details. In Math, we continue to work on multiplication and division, their math vocabulary grows everyday. Dividends, divisors, and quotients.....OHHH MY!  We will begin 2 and 3 digit multiplication by 1 digit. So much many new and exciting projects. Thank you for your continued support.    PEACE 

                                                                                                                                         Love, Mrs. Hallisey 




























































Darlene Hallisey
Darlene Hallisey
Grade 3 Teacher
Groups: Teachers
Employed Since: 11/2/2004
15 Years Experience At School

A Catholic School educator with over 15 years experience in education and community service. Highly motivated, enthusastic, and dedicated to all learners.