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Welcome back 8th grade! As the 8th graders begin their journey towards graduation, they settle into the role of being the oldest students in the school. They now have a great responsibility in the school. Also it is an exciting time for the 8th graders who begin their search for their next destination in their education, yes high school. At the parents meeting on September 13th, the 8th grade teachers will go over everything about the high school process. I would also like to extend a welcome to the new junior high members, the 7th graders. They will explore many new things in the junior high especially in math such as slope, equations, and more. I look forward to having a great year in math!

Joseph Hallisey
Joseph Hallisey
Grades 7 & 8 Math
Groups: Teachers

I have started working at SPS in 2015 as a support service math teacher. As a former graduate of St Pius (class of 2007), this school has given me the keys to success in high school, college, and beyond. SPS gave me great core values as a person and I plan to instill these values in each student that come across my path by following the mission statement.