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NEASC Accreditation


St. Pius V School has been accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) since 1995. To maintain our accreditation, every ten years an extensive self-study report is submitted and validated by visiting teams comprised of committees of educators assembled and trained by the NEASC. The self-study reports are designed to demonstrate how St. Pius V School fulfills its mission and meets the standards for accreditation. The faculty and administration of St. Pius V School carefully carries out the self-study, identifying both strengths and weaknesses of the school and plans and strategies for school improvement. Upon completion of all requirements outlined by the NEASC, St. Pius V School is granted continued accreditation. 

St. Pius V School is proud of its membership in NEASC and is grateful to the Commission for its validation of our school's value.  Accreditation of St. Pius V School was renewed in 2004 and 2014, and NEASC's Commission on Independent Schools accepted the school's Five-year Interim Report in 2019.  

The NEASC accreditation team came for our 2024 reaccreditation visit in May. The 2024 NEASC visiting committee had wonderful things to say about our school community! A few highlights they wanted to share include:

  • Walking into the building, they felt an overwhelming sense of joyfulness!
  • The mission is clearly lived, and they stated they witnessed all parts of our mission in action.
  • The faculty/staff is clearly committed to the school's mission and to our students. They were extremely impressed with the level of dedication from staff.
  • The helpfulness, collegiality, and respect shown throughout the school is tremendous.
  • The hallway displays and student work are exemplary.
  • The respectfulness of the students and behavior in the hallways was extraordinary!
  • The team commented that our school is unique and special and, “whatever it is that we are doing, we need to keep doing it!”

Read more about our 2024 reaccreditation visit in this article in the Item:

Our NEASC accreditation status can be verified at  Learn more about NEASC's Accreditation Standards and Indicators HERE.