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At St. Pius V School, we believe that our loving God blesses each child with special gifts and talents. The school provides a unique, comprehensive, quality education with particular emphasis on Catholic values, fundamental skills, critical thinking, technology, and the fine arts. The administration and faculty are skilled, dedicated, and professional educators. The curriculum promotes personal responsibility, appreciation for diversity, and Christian stewardship. The school recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children and encourages parental participation in the life of the school community. 

Every aspect of the school's curriculum is based on students' developmental needs in relation to the state and Archdiocesan standards and selected scope and sequence of current textbooks and teacher generated materials. The beliefs outlined in the mission and philosophy directly state St. Pius V School's understanding of how the students learn and how their personal development takes place. Every day, faculty and administration recognize the spiritual, academic, social, and cultural differences embodied in each student.