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June 1995        June 2004          June 2014

CURRENT ACCREDITATION STATUS:  Continued Accreditation, June 2014.  

Two-year Interim Report Accepted,  June 2016.   

Five-year Interim Report Submitted,  April 2019. 

St. Pius V School has been accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) since 1995. In 2004 and again in 2014 the accreditation was continued after an extensive self-study report was submitted and validated by visiting teams comprised of  committees of educators assembled and trained by the NEASC. The self-study reports are designed to demonstrate how St. Pius V School fulfills its mission and meets the standards for accreditation. The faculty and administration of St. Pius V School carefully carries out the self-study, identifying both strengths and weaknesses of the school and plans and strategies for school improvement. Upon completion of all requirements outlined by the NEASC, St. Pius V School is granted continued accreditation. The 2014 visiting committe commended the school for:     

* creating a positive culture and climate that reflects Gospel values and Christian stewardship
* supporting the individual  needs of each child and contributing to the success of each child
* integrating of technology into the curriculum

The school community has worked to address the following major recommendations of the visiting committee report from 2014:

* find ways to build partnerships to increase all constituents' investment in and understanding of the school's mission
* develop consensus in addressing the challenges presented in a changing society and emerging multi-cultural community through professional development especially focused on admissions and students' changing needs.
* improve administrative efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness
* integrate renewed focus on infrastructure, technology maintenance, and institutional advancement into the school's multi-year plan

St. Pius V School is proud of its membership in NEASC and is grateful to the Commission for its validation of our school's value.  Loyal to the concept of school improvement through self study, the school is proud that NEASC's Commission on Independent Schools accepted the school's Two-year Interim Report, which addressed the recommendations above, in June of 2016. The faculty and adminsistration submitted the Five-year Intirim Report in April 2019.