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Academic Program


Each day, faculty and administration recognize the spiritual, academic, social, and cultural differences embodied in each student.  We believe each child is special and capable of performance according to his/her individual abilities.  In keeping with these beliefs, we work together to design and implement curriculum which leads each child down successful pathways of learning.  Curriculum is designed around specific perspective focused on the continuity, and consistency, and the relationship between academic objective and quality instruction.  This comprehensive curriculum makes St. Pius V School a place where children find high expectations, a safe, healthy environment, and a warm, faith-filled atmosphere.  Of great significance is the enrichment available to each child through sharing in our school and parish communities.

The educational program at St. Pius V School for pre-kindergarten through grade 8 will provide opportunities so that every student:

  • will develop a personal relationship with God through daily life experiences and thereby develop the ability to interact with others and respect others' rights.  They will know Catholic doctrine and be able to distinguish between right and wrong within the context of Christian values.  They will be prepared to be responsible Christians in the community.
  • will achieve the ability to read, comprehend, and express ideas and feelings through oral and written language.  They will be able to think critically and assess situations independently and accurately.  They will know about the impact of technology on communications and be prepared to use technology effectively to communicate.
  • will attain a solid foundation in traditional math skills and develop the ability to recognize and solve quantitative problems in everyday situations.  They will be able to use technology to solve mathematical problems.
  • will acquire a solid foundation in the concepts, skills, and values of the natural and social sciences and technology.  They will have an appreciation of the fine arts.  They will know the importance of a healthy and fit body.  They will have a repertoire of critical thinking, organizational, problem solving, research, and study skills pertinent to continued studies.
  • will be prepared emotionally, intellectually, morally, and socially to make the transition from elementary school to high school.  They will be able to apply acquired knowledge, skills, and values to new experiences in everyday life.

Please call the school office for a complete listing of course offerings and curricular syllabi.