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Pope St. Pius V


Born Antonio Ghislieri in 1504 in Bosco in northern Italy, Pope St. Pius V was a member of the Dominican Order and a strong defender of the Catholic faith in word and deed. His shepherding of the Church at the time of his papacy was truly extraordinary. Among his many accomplishments, Pius V put the decrees of the Council of Trent into practice, published its Catechism, reformed the clergy and religious orders, and introduced into seminaries the Summa Theologica of his Dominican brother, St. Thomas Aquinas. He is most remembered for praying the rosary during the famous Battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571. He attributed the victory to Our Lady's Rosary, and instituted a feast in her honor on that day.  After his election to the papacy, Pius V continued to wear white, the color of his Dominican habit. Every Pope since him has also worn white clothing.

Today, the staff of St. Pius V School carries on the legacy of St. Pius V by teaching our students to live their faith with full hearts and witness to the values of St. Pius V.