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Technology is an integral part of the learning experience at St. Pius V School.  Two computer labs are used to help teachers integrate technology into the learning process.  Every student participates in a weekly Computer class.  Each classroom has a computer workstation.  Educational software and textbook websites are used to enhance the learning experience of our students.

Every classroom is equipped with a SMARTBoard (interactive whiteboard) and LCD projector.  Many teachers incorporate video into their lessons through the use of UnitedStreaming.  UnitedStreaming is an online library of educational videos that was developed by Discovery Education.

Three classroom sets of student remote keypads allow greater practice and response opportunity to students while teachers are able to monitor whole class response in seconds. 

Grades 6-8 share a portable classroom notebook lab and a class set of learnpads.  Grades 1-5 share two class sets of iPads.  This helps to increase the integration of technology in our classrooms. 

The Callahan/Nelson Computer Lab, opened in June 2009, provides students with a technology curriculum as well as opportunities to integrate technology across the curriculum. 

Professional development in technology is ongoing.