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I'm looking forward to working with the

St. Pius V School Class of 2021


                                               I Hope that everyone is having a good summer 

                A Prayer for Healthcare Workers

God who traveled before and behind the Israelites in their journey  to freedom, surround and support the men and women working in your healing ministry today. Never leave them, comfort them, and keep them well. Give them the strength to care for those who are sick and dying as well as the strength to receive help from others.  Be with the families of all who serve.  Send your peace for their anxieties, joy for their fears, hope for their despair, and light for their darkness.  We pray in the confidence of you love.  Amen

Maureen Tabbut
Maureen Tabbut
Middle School Social Studies
Groups: Teachers
Employed Since: 9/1/1999
20 Years Experience At School

 I started working at SPS in 1999- seems like just yesterday!  There are so many things about St. Pius V School that I love.  SPS helps me to be the kind of teacher that I want to be.  To me, instilling a love of learnng in students is so important.  I try to convey my enthusiasm about my subjects to my students in the hope that they will also become enthusiastic learners.